Mar 29, 2009

Accepted To Morehouse College

March 3, 2009

Dear Family and Friends,
A wonderful opportunity has taken place in my life. I have begun to redefine the way young black men are looked at and portrayed in the media and on the streets, and that is by pursuing my dream to be a doctor, to help those in need through the learning and inspiration that I will receive while at college. I have applied for numerous colleges and my top choice was Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA.
Recently, I received a letter confirming my admission to Morehouse College! This is truly an honor and a blessing.
The statistics are overwhelming for the African-American male. There are over 40.7 million African Americans in the United States. It shocks me that only 1.2 million at the age of 25 and older have an advanced degree. I am inspired to encourage other young men. I may have grown up in poverty but I don't have to live that way forever. As I grow, I will learn to make the right choices. This is my opportunity to succeed.
Unfortunately, there are some stumbling blocks that I need to get over. With your help I can accomplish the goal that college has set before me. I need your help to get to Morehouse! There are a lot of expenses in going to a prestigious school like this one. 1) Airfare for myself and my father, 2) Room and Board Deposit, 3) Admittance Fee. Some provisions have been made to accommodate the expenses, but I have come up short.
I ask that you help me make my dream possible by donating $20 or more. It will go a long way for me! I thank you for your help and consideration. To make a contribution, please email me at:
Yours Truly,Jesse DeMonte Andrews
P.S. To receive updates on my college experience, please email me!