Dec 21, 2009

My First Semester Report

CRN Subject Course Course Title Midterm Grade Final Grade
41534 HBIO 111 General Biology C B-
43543 HBIO 111L G. Biology Lab    
41765 HEDU 151 Freshman Orientation   P
41768 HEDU 153 Freshman Assembly   P
42819 HENG 101G English Composition I B A-
43529 HHIS 111G World History C+ B
42867 HMTH 100G College Algebra C A
42728 HPHI 201G Intro. To Philosophy B- B+

Dec 8, 2009

2010 Here I Come!

It has truly been an awesome Freshman School year that I can truly say is a experience to remember. This year started off right and I’m finishing with a bang! BANG! I have had wonderful relations with my professors. If you ever want to get ahead in class always email, greet and be presentable to your professors. They can make you or break you. And if you get enough complaints in the administration you can too. This year many profound speakers have embraced the class of 2013 and gave us valuable information that will enhance and inspire us to greatness. I have been working hard in many organizations ON CAMPUS, The Public Health Association, The Health Career Society, and the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel. These have been invigorating opportunities that have allowed me to change my perspectives on life and stand firm in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This Thanksgiving there was a lot to be thankful for. I spent the Thanksgiving Break with my Pastor, Pastor Frank Johnson, who is also a Morehouse Graduate. His family allowed me to experience the Southern Thanksgiving. I ate, I laughed, I slept. Julius Caesar said, “I saw, I came, I conquered.” I could not conquer sleep, that’s out of the question. I met some very intelligent friends from around the world and have met some distinguished guest, such as Andrew Young, Julian Bond, and Judge Hatchett. I had the opportunity to do my pilgrimage to Memphis, Tennessee for the 102nd Holy Convocation of the Church of God in Christ. Many acknowledge my accomplishments of being the 2009-2010 recipient for the Women’s Department Scholarship. I met some of my good friends, Cleon Sykes, Bishop M.L. Johnson and many others.

This year has allowed me to raise $15,000 for my education through scholarships. Wachovia, Amtrak, Morehouse, and newly aspiring Coca-cola scholarship of $20,000. That is a total of $35000 that has been raised for my education! WOW! I can feed a lot of enemies at the dinner table!

I want to personally thank ALL of you who helped make this possible! Without you allowing God to touch your heart and move in your life, i would not be here today. I bow down to tell you thank you.

If you do not learn anything from this documentation of my college experience, learn this: When you do what God tells you to do, do not doubt him. It is normal to do so, but do not let your doubt become a hindrance from completing what He told you to do. I came here with nothing and left with riches untold. He’s done so much for me that it would take days for me to tell you. Maybe I should write a book about it and let you read it for yourself. God specializes in things impossible. I am so thankful I am impossible!!!

Stay encourage and on the path God has destined for you,

Jesse DeMonte Andrews

Oct 9, 2009

Check it out!

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What a Mighty God I Serve!


I thought I would start this off right! I will be taking French next year, so you probably should get use to seeing and hearing that word. What a week this has been a week of gratefulness, excitement as well as nervousness. Hello and welcome to JD’s College Experience Blog.
This week I went to many lectures that were outside of class, taken many test and was the studious man I never thought I could be. It started off slow but sped up as the week went on. I am slowly, but it’s happening, progressing toward those high grades in Biology. I have taken two exams and those exams count as a midterm grade. The first exam I had barely made the “C”. I was not happy; others said “at least you made it”. I will never become happy with barely passing, just as the rich are not happy with barely being rich and the poor, barely surviving! The problem was the test taking skills that I use. I AM NOT A GOOD TEST TAKER! Two answers apparently seem right or they are interconnected somehow. I had even over studied.
The second time I did not study quite as hard. Read, asked, glimpsed over notes, but did not study too hard. I had got a “C” but it was five points higher than the last. Again, progressing slowly, but progressing.
Philosophy was amazingly inspiring as we dissected and analyzed St. Augustine and his thoughts on the mind, body and soul. Read it for yourself to get a better understanding than I can really explain it. Just know that God knew what he was doing when it comes to Good and Evil.
Judge Hatchett came and spoke at our Crown Forum on Thursday about the Crisis of Black Men in America. WOW! She taught us how not to be content in the way we are statistically place in society. If there is anything we are great in as black men, it seems to be statistics! She tackled the theme of having Hope for A New Day and A New Promise. Being strong and righteous for the journey, our ancestors did not pave the way so we can walk on it until we reached the end and then walk backwards, they paved it so we can move forward and continue moving forward. (I hope you caught that) She passed the torch to me, “Baby, run on!” I have grabbed it and with every inch of my being I will run till I can not seem to run any more! Why? Judge Hatchett claimed me as hers and if I do not, she is going to get me, that’s why! Also, because I have a responsibility to pass the torch on to someone else. Life comes with winds and rains, sleets and snows and the fire will want to be relieved of its duties, but I have to keep it lit for the young man who needs hope for the future, the young women who will one day be a nurse in Grady Hospital, the young man who will take the seat behind a Nascar automobile, and to fulfill my destiny.
Let me tell you a story, this week God has been showing Himself as the strong tower, and provider that many saints testify Him to be. Last week I had a balance of around $6,000 dollars that I had owed to the school. Being financially stable is a BLESSING! I had worried, been frustrated, confused, and depressed about what was going to happen to me and how I was going to fill this gap. Yesterday, I read over my statements to acquire the knowledge about the balance and create a plan to get the money. I’m a visionary, so I plan out everything, even what I’m going to do when I get to the restroom. As I read my statement a joy enveloped the very being of my life and filled the crevices of my heart. My balance is $79! $79! $79! What shocked me was not how much money it was. The plan in which I was going to implement was nothing compare to what God was going to do! If anyone tells me that God will not provide and then says that there is no HOPE. I’ve got only one thing to say, “WAIT”.
Tomorrow, Sprite will host a Step Show on our campus. I look forward to seeing the step off because it’s apart of my southern experience.
I hope that this blog gave you a quick refreshing, and that you were blessed by my thoughts and words. You can write me, email me, and even call me if you have any questions or you just need to talk.

I want you to know that I love you, be encouraged, and stay inspired,
Au revoir!

J.D. Andrews

830 Westview Dr., S.W.
P.O. Box 141983
Atlanta, GA 30314

Sep 22, 2009

The Great Awakening


I want to thank all of you who have graciously extended your hand of kindness toward me and my endeavors for excellence. I have realized that I might not have the skills that my grand father had and has passed on to his kids, but I have learned that whatever I put my hands to do, I do it to the best of my ability. My ability is the ability to do things in EXCELLENCE.
As mentioned before in the previous letter I have not been able to update the blog with video for the simple fact that I do not have a computer. I might just start a J.D. College Fund to acquire these items to help advance my educational skills. I do appreciate you taking the time to read these blogs as they are published irregularly. I will create a schedule and stick with it with the determination and drive that got me here and will take me further.
This week has been a mixture of good and bad. The good things are that Coca Cola has graciously awarded the school with some money. I want to be one of the recipients of the funds. Another is that I have had the opportunity to examine my skills of effective studying. Had the opportunity to meet and greet new people. Orchestrated the offering for the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel, celebrated my new church’s anniversary. Had the opportunity to catch up with family and friends on their well being. My roommate had declared his major a Biochemistry. The bad is that this week I took my first exam in Biology. I didn’t do so well. I am still trying to analyze what happened and how this predicament came about. The first assumption is that my test taking skills are hindering my success. That’s a challenge I am willing to tackle head on.
During the last time I updated my blog I sent letters to many of you who had attended my Going Away Luau. I hope that many of you received them. I encourage you to write me, send me something, to show that you remember me, and care. I couldn’t send letters to everybody and I do apologize so I called many of you to make up for the shortcoming. I encourage you to contact me and keep in touch.
This week has been phenomenal as I have watched Morehouse President Dr. Robert M. Franklin preach at West Angeles on the following Sunday. He is a dynamic theologian and speaker. I had the opportunity to hear him speak at our opening convocation for the 2009-2010 school year.
Spread the word about the blog and the wonderful advances that have been taking place in my life. This blog is designed to help those who you know are in need of support and encouragement.
Those who are in need of encouragement I want you to know that the sky is the limit and that you can do anything your heart desires. Understand that all your life people will tell you NO, but I dare you to tell them YES. Don’t succumb to the pressures of this world. Life is what you make it and what you speak it to become. Stop speaking “F’s” and begin to speak “A’s”. That was for me! Don’t you dare let anybody tell you different, you have a purpose and that no one can hinder your purpose, which is your passion unless you allow them to. Learn to tear the roof off of your life. I’m reminded of the story of the four friends who lifted the paralyzed man into the house where Jesus was teaching. They couldn’t get in the door, some things you just are not going to be able to walk straight into. They couldn’t go through the window. Stop watching other people being blessed and fall through the roof to receive yours. Speak poverty, lust, anger, depression and all those things that stop you from tapping into what God has placed in the depths of your souls from your life and days and begin to claim victory, wealth, happiness, and peace. I’m going to help somebody. Don’t just speak it. Begin to live it! I’ve got to stop but I hope you are getting the message.
I love each and every one of you and I miss you all. Atlanta is thus far amazing and it’s an experience I shall never forget. Stay encourage and take courage!

May God Richly Bless You and Keep You,

Jesse DeMonte Andrews
830 Westview Dr, S.W.
P.O. Box 141983
Atlanta, GA 30314

Aug 28, 2009

Man of Morehouse

Hello All,

This has been the first week of college here at Morehouse College and these are the things that have transpired since I have been here. I want to apologize about not having the blog updated with the video as I had hoped to. But as many of us are familiar with, financial shortcomings come along with the college life.

The first week that I was in Atlanta, I had the opportunity to meet a Queen in her own right and inspiration to many around the world. Mrs. Carmel Simmons, who opened her home for me to stay for the whole week while I continued to prepare for my collegiate experience. That would not have been possible without the help of loved ones like First Lady of Fresno Temple Church of God in Christ, who did everything in her power to assure that I was set and okay. My heart has a lot appreciation and love for what she has done. Also Mrs. Rosalind Sutton and her beautiful family who made sure I got to point A and point B alright and fed me the best enchiladas you could have ever known existed. The whole week was a very informative week as I eagerly waited for school to start, I learned more that week than expected. Atlanta has a rich history that will take more than four years to uncover and I hope to uncover as much as I can possibly.

School didn’t start the week after I had arrived in Atlanta. It started off with a week long process of orientation. Orientation helped set the atmosphere as the upperclassmen welcomed us to the House and made sure that we were set for the school year term. The orientation helped give the solid foundation of the history of the college and the role we freshman play in the college and society as a whole. We heard from Bill Cosby, President Robert Franklin and many dynamic speakers who poured out the knowledge they acquired to steer us in a successful direction. It was amazing!

I had the privilege to know my roommate. My room mate is Earl Butler who is from Chicago, Ill. He is Biology major, just as I am. He is very outgoing and a very knowledgeable young man. He has a sense of humor that is second to none. I’m laughing now just thinking about it. The school couldn’t have paired us up with nobody better because what we are lacking in we both make it up. That’s why my goal this year is a 4.0 grade point average. No room for failure!

There is so much to do here at Morehouse that it is ridiculous. Now if you haven’t found out, my father has put me on Community Service Probation. He recommends, demands, monitors, that I take no part in community engagement and development outside of the school until the spring semester of my Sophomore year. What?! I have abided by that rule. I am the chapel assistant to Dean Carter of the MLK International Chapel, soon to be member of a community service group that is based ON campus. Don’t y’all try to get me in trouble! My father’s wisdom is second to none because academia behavior comes before communitarian pleasure. Now I'm just counting down the days when I can get back out there, by watching the channel designed to broadcast the council meetings here in the city of Atlanta.

Nevertheless, I have occupied myself in the Life of Spellman. There are some well educated and highly motivated sisters across the lawn. The saying is yet true the grass is greener on the other side, but right now I'm trying to make sure that my grass is greener and better before I haphazardly wonder aimlessly onto their campus. (yes, that includes homework and class work too.)

Morehouse has challenged me to become all that I can become. They instructed us to write down a hindrance that can or in the near future stop us from succeeding. Mine was “fear of failing”. So many times have I saw leaders fall and succumb to the pressures that surround our lives. I didn’t want to fall into the trap that they did. I easily believed that if they would fall into it, then maybe I would too. Therefore, it gave me the opportune time to run from that lifestyle or profession. Now, that WAS the hindrance until they BURNED IT UP before our very eyes! The door of opportunity open and the indecisiveness evaded my judgment. But I’m still Biology major, trying to figure what my minor may become as time passes.

There have been some challenges that have arose since I have been here, but I know who’s I am and who I serve. I pray that all of you continue to keep me uplifted in your prayers and write me at the address posted at the bottom of your screen. Remember: I’m just a call, letter and click away!

Peace and Favor Rest Upon You,

Jesse DeMonte Andrews

J.D. Andrews

830 westview Dr., S.W.

PO Box 141983

Atlanta, Ga 30314


Mar 29, 2009

Accepted To Morehouse College

March 3, 2009

Dear Family and Friends,
A wonderful opportunity has taken place in my life. I have begun to redefine the way young black men are looked at and portrayed in the media and on the streets, and that is by pursuing my dream to be a doctor, to help those in need through the learning and inspiration that I will receive while at college. I have applied for numerous colleges and my top choice was Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA.
Recently, I received a letter confirming my admission to Morehouse College! This is truly an honor and a blessing.
The statistics are overwhelming for the African-American male. There are over 40.7 million African Americans in the United States. It shocks me that only 1.2 million at the age of 25 and older have an advanced degree. I am inspired to encourage other young men. I may have grown up in poverty but I don't have to live that way forever. As I grow, I will learn to make the right choices. This is my opportunity to succeed.
Unfortunately, there are some stumbling blocks that I need to get over. With your help I can accomplish the goal that college has set before me. I need your help to get to Morehouse! There are a lot of expenses in going to a prestigious school like this one. 1) Airfare for myself and my father, 2) Room and Board Deposit, 3) Admittance Fee. Some provisions have been made to accommodate the expenses, but I have come up short.
I ask that you help me make my dream possible by donating $20 or more. It will go a long way for me! I thank you for your help and consideration. To make a contribution, please email me at:
Yours Truly,Jesse DeMonte Andrews
P.S. To receive updates on my college experience, please email me!

Mar 22, 2009

This is J.D.'s College Blog. This was designed to let people know about the college experience to be an encouragement to young black men in the community and youth as a whole. The testamony will come soon so be on the look out!