Oct 9, 2009

What a Mighty God I Serve!


I thought I would start this off right! I will be taking French next year, so you probably should get use to seeing and hearing that word. What a week this has been a week of gratefulness, excitement as well as nervousness. Hello and welcome to JD’s College Experience Blog.
This week I went to many lectures that were outside of class, taken many test and was the studious man I never thought I could be. It started off slow but sped up as the week went on. I am slowly, but it’s happening, progressing toward those high grades in Biology. I have taken two exams and those exams count as a midterm grade. The first exam I had barely made the “C”. I was not happy; others said “at least you made it”. I will never become happy with barely passing, just as the rich are not happy with barely being rich and the poor, barely surviving! The problem was the test taking skills that I use. I AM NOT A GOOD TEST TAKER! Two answers apparently seem right or they are interconnected somehow. I had even over studied.
The second time I did not study quite as hard. Read, asked, glimpsed over notes, but did not study too hard. I had got a “C” but it was five points higher than the last. Again, progressing slowly, but progressing.
Philosophy was amazingly inspiring as we dissected and analyzed St. Augustine and his thoughts on the mind, body and soul. Read it for yourself to get a better understanding than I can really explain it. Just know that God knew what he was doing when it comes to Good and Evil.
Judge Hatchett came and spoke at our Crown Forum on Thursday about the Crisis of Black Men in America. WOW! She taught us how not to be content in the way we are statistically place in society. If there is anything we are great in as black men, it seems to be statistics! She tackled the theme of having Hope for A New Day and A New Promise. Being strong and righteous for the journey, our ancestors did not pave the way so we can walk on it until we reached the end and then walk backwards, they paved it so we can move forward and continue moving forward. (I hope you caught that) She passed the torch to me, “Baby, run on!” I have grabbed it and with every inch of my being I will run till I can not seem to run any more! Why? Judge Hatchett claimed me as hers and if I do not, she is going to get me, that’s why! Also, because I have a responsibility to pass the torch on to someone else. Life comes with winds and rains, sleets and snows and the fire will want to be relieved of its duties, but I have to keep it lit for the young man who needs hope for the future, the young women who will one day be a nurse in Grady Hospital, the young man who will take the seat behind a Nascar automobile, and to fulfill my destiny.
Let me tell you a story, this week God has been showing Himself as the strong tower, and provider that many saints testify Him to be. Last week I had a balance of around $6,000 dollars that I had owed to the school. Being financially stable is a BLESSING! I had worried, been frustrated, confused, and depressed about what was going to happen to me and how I was going to fill this gap. Yesterday, I read over my statements to acquire the knowledge about the balance and create a plan to get the money. I’m a visionary, so I plan out everything, even what I’m going to do when I get to the restroom. As I read my statement a joy enveloped the very being of my life and filled the crevices of my heart. My balance is $79! $79! $79! What shocked me was not how much money it was. The plan in which I was going to implement was nothing compare to what God was going to do! If anyone tells me that God will not provide and then says that there is no HOPE. I’ve got only one thing to say, “WAIT”.
Tomorrow, Sprite will host a Step Show on our campus. I look forward to seeing the step off because it’s apart of my southern experience.
I hope that this blog gave you a quick refreshing, and that you were blessed by my thoughts and words. You can write me, email me, and even call me if you have any questions or you just need to talk.

I want you to know that I love you, be encouraged, and stay inspired,
Au revoir!

J.D. Andrews

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