Oct 18, 2010

The Exception Campaign

Join In Giving Today, Exception Campaign

Oct 16, 2010

Scholarship Campaign Coming To You

“A saving remnant continually survives and persists, continually aspires, continually shows itself in thrift and ability and character.” –W.E.B. DuBois

Dear Family, Friends & Supporters,

I want to inform you about an awesome campaign that you can help make a reality. This campaign will change lives, turn tides in history, and give meaning to the way philanthropic behavior presents itself in our modern day society. Entrepreneurship is a French derived word that means, according to the Princeton Word Dictionary, as someone who organizes a business venture and assumes the risk for it. This is nothing new to my spectrum of work and expertise, as I have challenged the wealth figures in the nation whom politics deemed intangible. I have spoken up against youth inequality and the right to voice their concerns on many of the pressing decisions made by the “grown up” generation. I have placed hope back into the hearts of more than one hundred school dropouts to continue their education. Taking risks is what I am quite familiar with.

I want to introduce you to an innovative idea that has never been charted by the young minds of society. This idea is simply the:

“The Exception Campaign”

We have all heard that, “It takes a Village to Raise A Child”, but what is expected of those children whose villages are corrupt with gang violence, racial discrimination, drug abuse, and hopelessness? This campaign is designed for just that reason and a little deeper. Many do succumb to the pressures of their environment, and yet many have become the exception to the game players of life. Those exceptions need our support and our help with educational expenses.

I want to personally invite you to support this awesome campaign with a $20 donation. When you donate, 10% of the proceeds will be given to the Susan G. Komen For the Cure Breast Cancer Association. Take this opportunity to Give Today!

Yours Truly,

Jesse DeMonte Andrews

Jul 28, 2010

Boy, Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!

This summer was an expedition that I will never forget as I had spent six weeks in the Blue Grass State herself, Kentucky! What a wonderful experience that was being able to meet 80 other interesting young people. Now, since the last time I left you, I left you with the impression that I was going to Ghana, Africa, things had changed as I couldn’t purchase my passport just yet. But just as sure as I writing you today, I will have a passport this year!

I want to make sure that you all are aware of my goals and objectives when it comes to studying abroad. It is imperative that I take advantage of the opportunity during the summers because the rigorous curriculum at Morehouse College would not permit the leisure of engaging in activities such as study abroad during the school semesters. When I do study abroad my desire and intent is to study abroad in China. I want to be able to understand and research the various methodological approaches to medicine in the Chinese cultures and traditions.

My journey started with Amtrak! I am an Amtrak Scholar, so I was given a voucher to ride Amtrak and what better way to experience the East Coast than going through the “Eastern Frontiers”. I witnessed the beautiful states of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, DC, Chicago, Il, Ohio, Maryland, and Indiana.

I was a part of the AAMC’s Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (SMDEP) at the University of Louisville. This program is designed to expose pre-medical/dental students to the life of medical/dental school as future practicing physicians. This program in Louisville is one of the many sites that this program is held at. I chose Louisville because of the organized schedule, the stipend, and the opportunity to be in a place that I have never been before. I got just that and more! This 6 week program helped me understand calcium, insulin and cardiovascular diseases and a host of other things, that you would not have the time to sit here and read, but just know when I become a doctor and you step in my office you will walk out aware of these concepts and such. I had the opportunity to enjoy Kentucky cuisine such as Derby Pie! You have not had pie until you have had the pleasure of delighting yourself with Derby Pie. Also, I got to see awesome sites like the famous Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. People from all over the world flock every year to experience the Kentucky Derby and I got to see and learn how it all happens. I had the privilege to fellowship with the Bible Way Church of God in Christ Family, and befriend others from around the country, like Jonathan Davies, Norbert Rosario, Shanda Lewis and many others. The staff were very hospitable and excellent in the execution of leadership and knowledge. Lastly, I thank God for the hard, untiring work of Dr. James Railey, and Dr. Silvia Cole who made a big impact on my life as I was able to commit to the decision of achieving my MD in Internal Medicine.

As you can read I had an awesome summer and one I will hopefully never forget! As school starts I have also made some bigger decisions in the way of growth and development in my life. I have an apartment with two of the world’s best innovative leaders, I could not find anywhere else, Aaron M. Hargrove and Christopher M. Holloway Jr.

To be able to be who I am and to develop into such an awesome young man (yes, I made a conceited statement) I would be regretful not to thanks ALL who had made this possible. I want to thank the men and women who invested not only their time, but money, into the success and accomplishments that have allowed me to have such an experience. I humbly bow in gratitude to thank you!

Continue to stay encourage as I continue to become:

Well Balanced, Well Dressed, Well Read, Well Traveled, and Well Balanced!

Yours truly,

Jesse DeMonte Andrews

Mar 16, 2010

And Were Off!

This semester has started off a rocky and challenging year that has proved itself not ready to quit. But I'm hopeful that these troubles won't last always. This year I have been faced with many challenges and have travailled over most of them and still plowing.
I want to again thank all of you who continue to support my endeavor in my education as I move forward.
My classes are great and the Professors are outstanding as they push us to the breaking academic limit that we are capable and and can go beyond to accomplish. Hey, if you don't believe so, please write my 10 page historical overview poem on the contrast between the Haitian and French Revolution! Pleeeease!
I have already been funding conscious as the summer approaches. Applying to internships and summer enrichment programs to keep me occupied and engaged in my educational experience. So far im looking through a broad perspective across the world in Ghana in the Morehouse Pan Africa Global Experience. This program allows me to take classes and learn about West African Culture up close and personal! With God on your side nothing is too ridiculous and adventure is always fun and available. We have to be equipped to accept the challenges!
I have had the opportunity to travel to Knoxville for my summer vacation. Everybody has questioned “why Knoxville, not Miami?” Well, I’m an odd-ball and have never followed the crowd! Earlier before that I had another opportunity to visit Charleston, South Carolina to the E.E. Just Symposium at the Medical University of South Carolina and that was an experience that I will never forget! As you can tell I have been keeping myself occupied and academically involved.
Now here's my spiritual nuggets to help those young men that you know or may be reading this blog. A few weeks a go I told my Sunday School Class that Extravagent love is: Love so extra that I will go to the extreme to let you know that i meant it. In your walks in the neighborhood, on the streets or running errands, do no count yourself out because you are capable and well able to succeed in life. Just like in elementary school when you got in trouble and the school called your mama, and mama would tell them up and down that you didnt do it and that behavior is not of her son. And you know you did it! You should have that same attitude when it comes to other people in your life. Never look at the bad things about people but learn some goood things about them and watch you learn so things that are beneficial to your success. Lastly, you have to make up in your mind each and everyday that you are going to accomplish something beneficial to help move you forward and stick with it. I know for sure that those homework assignments in high school are worth a dime when it comes to college, but they taught me time management skills and discipline to get them done before the due date that has helped me ace my classes here at Morehouse. Stay focused!

May God Richly Bless You And Keep You,

J.D. Andrews
Morehouse College
830 Westview Dr. S.W.
PO Box 141983
Atlanta, Ga 30314