Mar 16, 2010

And Were Off!

This semester has started off a rocky and challenging year that has proved itself not ready to quit. But I'm hopeful that these troubles won't last always. This year I have been faced with many challenges and have travailled over most of them and still plowing.
I want to again thank all of you who continue to support my endeavor in my education as I move forward.
My classes are great and the Professors are outstanding as they push us to the breaking academic limit that we are capable and and can go beyond to accomplish. Hey, if you don't believe so, please write my 10 page historical overview poem on the contrast between the Haitian and French Revolution! Pleeeease!
I have already been funding conscious as the summer approaches. Applying to internships and summer enrichment programs to keep me occupied and engaged in my educational experience. So far im looking through a broad perspective across the world in Ghana in the Morehouse Pan Africa Global Experience. This program allows me to take classes and learn about West African Culture up close and personal! With God on your side nothing is too ridiculous and adventure is always fun and available. We have to be equipped to accept the challenges!
I have had the opportunity to travel to Knoxville for my summer vacation. Everybody has questioned “why Knoxville, not Miami?” Well, I’m an odd-ball and have never followed the crowd! Earlier before that I had another opportunity to visit Charleston, South Carolina to the E.E. Just Symposium at the Medical University of South Carolina and that was an experience that I will never forget! As you can tell I have been keeping myself occupied and academically involved.
Now here's my spiritual nuggets to help those young men that you know or may be reading this blog. A few weeks a go I told my Sunday School Class that Extravagent love is: Love so extra that I will go to the extreme to let you know that i meant it. In your walks in the neighborhood, on the streets or running errands, do no count yourself out because you are capable and well able to succeed in life. Just like in elementary school when you got in trouble and the school called your mama, and mama would tell them up and down that you didnt do it and that behavior is not of her son. And you know you did it! You should have that same attitude when it comes to other people in your life. Never look at the bad things about people but learn some goood things about them and watch you learn so things that are beneficial to your success. Lastly, you have to make up in your mind each and everyday that you are going to accomplish something beneficial to help move you forward and stick with it. I know for sure that those homework assignments in high school are worth a dime when it comes to college, but they taught me time management skills and discipline to get them done before the due date that has helped me ace my classes here at Morehouse. Stay focused!

May God Richly Bless You And Keep You,

J.D. Andrews
Morehouse College
830 Westview Dr. S.W.
PO Box 141983
Atlanta, Ga 30314

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