Dec 21, 2009

My First Semester Report

CRN Subject Course Course Title Midterm Grade Final Grade
41534 HBIO 111 General Biology C B-
43543 HBIO 111L G. Biology Lab    
41765 HEDU 151 Freshman Orientation   P
41768 HEDU 153 Freshman Assembly   P
42819 HENG 101G English Composition I B A-
43529 HHIS 111G World History C+ B
42867 HMTH 100G College Algebra C A
42728 HPHI 201G Intro. To Philosophy B- B+


  1. I am so proud of you Jessy! Way to bring those grades up man, you did it! Keep it up, call me :)

  2. Jesse-

    Congrats on a successful transition from HS to University life I'm so excited about your academic and spiritual journey. Stay motivated, stay involved, stay connected to God & you'll live out the desires of your heart : )