Dec 8, 2009

2010 Here I Come!

It has truly been an awesome Freshman School year that I can truly say is a experience to remember. This year started off right and I’m finishing with a bang! BANG! I have had wonderful relations with my professors. If you ever want to get ahead in class always email, greet and be presentable to your professors. They can make you or break you. And if you get enough complaints in the administration you can too. This year many profound speakers have embraced the class of 2013 and gave us valuable information that will enhance and inspire us to greatness. I have been working hard in many organizations ON CAMPUS, The Public Health Association, The Health Career Society, and the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel. These have been invigorating opportunities that have allowed me to change my perspectives on life and stand firm in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This Thanksgiving there was a lot to be thankful for. I spent the Thanksgiving Break with my Pastor, Pastor Frank Johnson, who is also a Morehouse Graduate. His family allowed me to experience the Southern Thanksgiving. I ate, I laughed, I slept. Julius Caesar said, “I saw, I came, I conquered.” I could not conquer sleep, that’s out of the question. I met some very intelligent friends from around the world and have met some distinguished guest, such as Andrew Young, Julian Bond, and Judge Hatchett. I had the opportunity to do my pilgrimage to Memphis, Tennessee for the 102nd Holy Convocation of the Church of God in Christ. Many acknowledge my accomplishments of being the 2009-2010 recipient for the Women’s Department Scholarship. I met some of my good friends, Cleon Sykes, Bishop M.L. Johnson and many others.

This year has allowed me to raise $15,000 for my education through scholarships. Wachovia, Amtrak, Morehouse, and newly aspiring Coca-cola scholarship of $20,000. That is a total of $35000 that has been raised for my education! WOW! I can feed a lot of enemies at the dinner table!

I want to personally thank ALL of you who helped make this possible! Without you allowing God to touch your heart and move in your life, i would not be here today. I bow down to tell you thank you.

If you do not learn anything from this documentation of my college experience, learn this: When you do what God tells you to do, do not doubt him. It is normal to do so, but do not let your doubt become a hindrance from completing what He told you to do. I came here with nothing and left with riches untold. He’s done so much for me that it would take days for me to tell you. Maybe I should write a book about it and let you read it for yourself. God specializes in things impossible. I am so thankful I am impossible!!!

Stay encourage and on the path God has destined for you,

Jesse DeMonte Andrews