Aug 28, 2009

Man of Morehouse

Hello All,

This has been the first week of college here at Morehouse College and these are the things that have transpired since I have been here. I want to apologize about not having the blog updated with the video as I had hoped to. But as many of us are familiar with, financial shortcomings come along with the college life.

The first week that I was in Atlanta, I had the opportunity to meet a Queen in her own right and inspiration to many around the world. Mrs. Carmel Simmons, who opened her home for me to stay for the whole week while I continued to prepare for my collegiate experience. That would not have been possible without the help of loved ones like First Lady of Fresno Temple Church of God in Christ, who did everything in her power to assure that I was set and okay. My heart has a lot appreciation and love for what she has done. Also Mrs. Rosalind Sutton and her beautiful family who made sure I got to point A and point B alright and fed me the best enchiladas you could have ever known existed. The whole week was a very informative week as I eagerly waited for school to start, I learned more that week than expected. Atlanta has a rich history that will take more than four years to uncover and I hope to uncover as much as I can possibly.

School didn’t start the week after I had arrived in Atlanta. It started off with a week long process of orientation. Orientation helped set the atmosphere as the upperclassmen welcomed us to the House and made sure that we were set for the school year term. The orientation helped give the solid foundation of the history of the college and the role we freshman play in the college and society as a whole. We heard from Bill Cosby, President Robert Franklin and many dynamic speakers who poured out the knowledge they acquired to steer us in a successful direction. It was amazing!

I had the privilege to know my roommate. My room mate is Earl Butler who is from Chicago, Ill. He is Biology major, just as I am. He is very outgoing and a very knowledgeable young man. He has a sense of humor that is second to none. I’m laughing now just thinking about it. The school couldn’t have paired us up with nobody better because what we are lacking in we both make it up. That’s why my goal this year is a 4.0 grade point average. No room for failure!

There is so much to do here at Morehouse that it is ridiculous. Now if you haven’t found out, my father has put me on Community Service Probation. He recommends, demands, monitors, that I take no part in community engagement and development outside of the school until the spring semester of my Sophomore year. What?! I have abided by that rule. I am the chapel assistant to Dean Carter of the MLK International Chapel, soon to be member of a community service group that is based ON campus. Don’t y’all try to get me in trouble! My father’s wisdom is second to none because academia behavior comes before communitarian pleasure. Now I'm just counting down the days when I can get back out there, by watching the channel designed to broadcast the council meetings here in the city of Atlanta.

Nevertheless, I have occupied myself in the Life of Spellman. There are some well educated and highly motivated sisters across the lawn. The saying is yet true the grass is greener on the other side, but right now I'm trying to make sure that my grass is greener and better before I haphazardly wonder aimlessly onto their campus. (yes, that includes homework and class work too.)

Morehouse has challenged me to become all that I can become. They instructed us to write down a hindrance that can or in the near future stop us from succeeding. Mine was “fear of failing”. So many times have I saw leaders fall and succumb to the pressures that surround our lives. I didn’t want to fall into the trap that they did. I easily believed that if they would fall into it, then maybe I would too. Therefore, it gave me the opportune time to run from that lifestyle or profession. Now, that WAS the hindrance until they BURNED IT UP before our very eyes! The door of opportunity open and the indecisiveness evaded my judgment. But I’m still Biology major, trying to figure what my minor may become as time passes.

There have been some challenges that have arose since I have been here, but I know who’s I am and who I serve. I pray that all of you continue to keep me uplifted in your prayers and write me at the address posted at the bottom of your screen. Remember: I’m just a call, letter and click away!

Peace and Favor Rest Upon You,

Jesse DeMonte Andrews

J.D. Andrews

830 westview Dr., S.W.

PO Box 141983

Atlanta, Ga 30314