May 16, 2012

Summer & Fall 2010

Well, well, well. The last time I truly had talked with you all I was on my way to France. Before I go into detail about that I want to first appreciate my family, Lashan Andrews, Walter Andrews, Cindy Andrews, Gramo Andrews, Madeline Andrews, Bobby Andrews, Joseph Andrews, Shandrea Andrews, Travis L. Andrews. I want to thank my friends, Tate Hill II, Patricia Word, Lauretta Brooks, Bishop Samuel Doyle, Bishop Martin Luther Johnson, Dr. Jea Delsarte, Dr. J.K. Haynes, Aaron Hargrove, Christopher Holloway Jr., Antwann Micheal,  James Sampson Jr., Frank and Bonnie Johnson and Jameson White.

It was Jameson White who had imparted knowledge and the nerve to tell this awesome story. You see, I wasn't going to tell you what has happened to me this past year and a half, but what good is it to have an experience you can not share with others right? 

I want to start my saying, I have gone from a 3.32 g.p.a to a 2.5 and struggling to get it back to normal. Why? It wasn't that I was doing too much, I have had a hard time here in Atlanta. Ms. Carmel Simmons died while I was in school and she was the only one at the time that was allowing me to stay with her. Mother Pryor, my sainted church mother, died two weeks later. As bold and secure as I thought I was to handle it and continue through school, I truly wasn't. That was the initial fall of my GPA. My pastor was kind enough to allow me to stay with him and his family. Thank God for Men! I traveled every day 30-40 minutes into the city to get to my 8:00 am class. 

Another reason was because I was homeless, yes, I was homeless. People are always surprised when I mention this. I learned to worry for nothing. Truly, cause I could not change the circumstance. We need to stop telling people they can change their circumstance if they wanted to. THEY WANT TO, ITS NOT IN THEIR CONTROL. Some things God is THE ONLY one who can change the circumstance. Let's be real, please. 

My roommates and I was in transition from 100 Midtown to West Mar Student Lofts and we had to stay with an awesome friend Keith S. So we were homeless, but I had to leave because I did not have the money to pay for staying with Keith. Or at least that is what I was told. 

As if being homeless, deaths, and living 45 minutes from the city wasn't enough, I had financial problems with Morehouse. I will say the rate at which these schools raise tuition and fees across this country discourage students from at least attempting to do any good in society. I know people without degrees who are happy being executives of Fortune 500 companies!

We must begin to voice our concern and better ways in which the American people can invest in the lives of so many youth and young adults wanting to attend higher education whether it is a two or four year college or university. I struggled to get the funds to pay off a $10,000 deficit. But, I did it through scholarships and the generous support of those reading this blog. $15,200 was the final amount raised that year. Many of you may remember the email I sent asking for help to get a meal plan.

Lastly, I was flunked in two classes, one because, "Jesse, I don't believe you applied yourself." Another was because, "I thought you were a Senior." fill in the blanks as to how I felt about that. The first statement made me upset and the second made me depressed. I was in Louisville, Kentucky at a Summer Medical and Dental Education Program DEPRESSED!  One of my church member complained and said, "You're too far to be getting grades like that and you pay too much money." If she was in my shoes I think she would at least rephrased her comment. 

This is all I will say for this chapter in my little life. I will now begin talking about the France preparation and trip. 

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